Summer is almost here!

Summer is almost here, the bees are being split, put out on honey locations and working in commercially kept berries.  If beekeeping is a seasonal business, this is definitely the season.  Tim and his band of merry men are crazy busy, trying to stay ahead of the bees.  And my phone seems to ring steady with fruitstands ordering honey.  All is well with our world, the sun is shining and the bees are buzzing.  Next stop, end of summer honey harvest.

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1 Response to Summer is almost here!

  1. Ilse Dujmovic says:

    I am Ilse whom you met in Long Beach. We tried your honey and we love it. It is a stronger flavor from ours but I feel that there is no bad honey. It is all good.
    Your commercial operation is of course much different from our amateur operation but no less important in keeping the bees of the world to help supply us with our food.
    If you would not mind contacting me via e-mail, I have some questions of you since we had a very successful summer and I thought you’d have some answers for us. It was such a pleasure speaking with you and would have loved to do more of it. Perhaps some day we could visit your apiary. ~ Ilse

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