2013 Almonds

Spring comes early for a migratory beekeeper.  Our first load of bees headed to central California in mid-December and our third semi-truck load arrived safely the first week of January.  To anyone who knows the highways between Naches, WA and Oakdale, CA; you know that was no easy task.  It is mostly central Oregon that gives us grief….lots of snow and ice and a few crazy drivers just to make things interesting.

Tim, Jonah and our very dear friend Rich have made two trips so far this year.  The first was in January to feed bees both sugar syrup and pollen patties (protein, amino acids, plant polyphenols, essential oils…..all the good stuff) to ensure that they have plenty of food in their pantries to survive until real spring gets here.  And they just returned from their second trip a few days ago.

During the second trip the bees got fed again, they were treated for disease and pests and put out into almond orchards.

God was very gracious to us this almond season!  Not only did we have a below average loss over the winter, but we got to do business with some great people. We have the best farmers on the planet and we get to work with some beekeepers that would give you the shirt off of their back.  We consider ourselves very blessed.

Next step….get them all home safely for spring in the Pacific Northwest.

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