End of Summer Update

I’m not sure how it happened….again….times goes so quickly at our house.  My last post talked about our 2013 California Almond season.  We finished in California around the 15th of March.  Since that time we pollinated approximately 4000 acres of commercially kept tree fruit, berries and row crops, here in Washington, and put our bees out on honey locations for the summer.

Some of our bees had the opportunity for a summer job in Montana.  While they were there to pollinate canola, they got to spend some of their free time visiting fields of alfalfa, clover and Montana wildflowers.   They came home happy, healthy and full of very light honey.

We also placed a truck load of hives in a sunny spot on the Tieton River.  Those little workers got to enjoy all that nature could throw their way.  They were able to collect pollen and nectar from a variety of things on White Pass; such as Knapweed, Snowberries, Dogwood, Sage, Oak, Locust, Willow and Aspen, just to name a few.

In the same area that we pollinate raspberries we also had the opportunity to set our bees in watermelon this year.  I wonder what watermelon honey will taste like.  Since both the berries and melons are surrounded by mint fields, my guess is that our “watermelon” honey will bare a close resemblance to our mint honey!  Bees just love mint!

It’s the 4th of October and we really would have liked to have been finished pulling honey at least a week ago…but we’re not.  We are up to our ears in honey, bees, kids and building projects and some days are a little on the crazy side, but it’s a good kind of crazy!  Have I mentioned that we have five youngsters under our roof, some days it’s MORE than a little crazy!!!  But waking up every morning with an absolute belief that our family is right where God wants us, is a VERY good thing.

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