Summer 2014

Another year has passed; and what a year it has been!  In the last 12 months we bought out TNT Honey and built a shop for our new extraction facility.

Ray and Nancy Temple (TNT) had been very supportive and encouraging of us and our beekeeping dreams.  When they decided that 70 was old enough to retire it was a natural move for us to buy their bees and take over their pollination accounts.  Because of 30+ years of hard work on their part, we now get to work with some really great farmers.

We are very excited about our new equipment, it is much more automated and much less back-breaking.  Because it is our desire to grow our business, we will take all the help we can get!


The 2013 crop of honey had to go into storage, because the new facility was not ready when we had hoped it would be, but we finally got it finished in January of this year.

We actually started this year’s honey season on time.  Today is September 1st and we have already ran the extraction equipment 2 full days and we have our start….nine barrels of beautiful Montana honey.

We sent a semi truck load of bees to Montana again this year.  While pollinating canola, the bees got to visit fields of clover, alfalfa and wildflowers.  This honey is very light in color, exceptionally yummy and mostly already SOLD.

Iron Horse Brewery in Ellensburg, WA, uses our light honey as an ingredient in High Five Hefe.  This is an American Pale Wheat Ale, made with honey and ginger.


PCC members continue to be big supporters of our darker (mint blend) honey. And we now have another reason to deliver to western Washington; our dark honey is being used as an ingredient in Hunniwater (

On a personal note; we finalized our 5th adoption in November of 2013 and closed on a new home in December.  The house is still in the throws of renovations, but we hope to be moved for Thanksgiving this year.


It really has been a big year for us!  We are truly blessed!

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2 Responses to Summer 2014

  1. Spencer says:

    Do you add anything to your honey ?
    Like corn syrup?
    Looking for honey without additives
    Thank you , Spencer

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