Fall 2019

Time goes so quickly for our not-so-little family.  Since the last post we have had two new grandbabies (and another is on the way).  We have had 2 very close family members pass away.  Our kiddo number 3 (out of 7) has moved out of the house to find her way in the world.  And the rest of us are just crazy busy with trying to keep bees alive and store shelves stocked with honey.

Spring of 2019 was rough for many beekeepers (ourselves included).  Winter losses were substantial and the weather during almond pollination didn’t help matters.  Because of the heavy losses, my regular tree fruit pollinators were not available, causing a bit of a panic.  The good news is that situation set the stage for meeting some new beekeepers who ultimately sent us the bees we needed, in order to fulfill our pollination orders.

God is good.  He has never let us down.

Our bees and those of affiliate beekeepers pollinated thousands of acres of a variety of tree fruits and blueberries.  We didn’t pollinate any canola this summer, instead we stayed closer to home and pollinated carrots (for seed production).

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