Winter 2019

Christmas is almost here!  Getting ready to close the books on another year.

Bees are stacked up and ready to put on a semi truck headed south.  Warmer weather will be a welcome change for the bees.  They have been cooped up for awhile now.  Actually, I wouldn’t mind a little warm weather myself.  Perhaps a “business” trip is in my future???  Hopefully we will have better pollination weather this year, last spring was rough on the bees.  Hope springs eternal for us beekeepers!

And an update on that grandbaby that is on the way….it is grandbabies!  We are having twins!  The “craic” just never ends around here!  Jonah and Katie did a gender reveal at Thanksgiving dinner, we will be blessed with a boy and a girl!


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2 Responses to Winter 2019

  1. Samuel Bess says:

    Discovered your product on a shelf in QFC Stanwood, WA. The product appears darker than comparable raw honey products. However, re your bees trucked out of the Yakima Valley and if so, to where. Several “raw Honey” products on QFC shelves blend honey from other sources not disclosed but marketed as “local” or NW sourced honey. The taste of your honey is unique…with a
    fruity aftertaste on the tongue. The jar is recyclable….If there is pollen in the product I can not taste or see it… your product filtered to remove those phyto nutrients?

    • craichoneyco says:

      Our honey is from all over Yakima County, mostly farms along the Yakima River. It is not filtered. When warming the honey to allow for pumping, “most” of the wax and pollen particles rise to the top and are ultimately left in the barrel when we are finished. Our honey is not mixed with ANYTHING, FROM ANYWHERE. Though that is a valid concern. The only way to know your honey is to ask your beekeeper and I appreciate your taking the time to do just that. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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