About Us

Craic Honey Company is a family owned and operated business.  We are small enough that we can do most of the work “in-house”, with just some seasonal begging that happens with extended family and friends.

Craic is not our family name, it’s our family motto….Craic is an Irish word, (with way too many options for pronunciation), that means FUN, joyful conversation and generally a good time.

14 Responses to About Us

  1. Louanne Potter says:

    Just discovered your honey and Wow we love it!!! We live in Chehalis Wa. and stopped by Thompsons fruit stand in Naches and bought some. It will be worth the trip to Yakima to get more. Keep up the great work, and keep those bees happy!! Thanks Louanne Potter

  2. Jonathan Halperin says:

    Hi where is your honey for sale in Seattle? Thanks

  3. Grant Jensen says:

    We got our first jar at Safeway in Lacey, I love the crystallization, we visited Brother in Yakama, Sunday, on our return we went thru Naches, loved the fall colors. On my way to Safeway again for another jar👍

  4. Lily F says:

    I love your honey. Keep it up! Happy Earth day of 2020!

  5. Bruce Fitzgerald says:

    This is literally the best honey. No other honey even comes close to the flavor, texture, origin, etc. Putting a big heaping spoonful of raw honey from the Yakima valley into my coffee in the morning is a lifesaver. I swore off refined sugars so this helps me stay positive throughout the day, and for that I thank all of you!

  6. Robert Davis says:

    I’m a backyard beekeeper (6 colonies) and give my honey out to friends, neighbors and coworkers. I ran out of my honey this year and picked up a jar of yours from PCC. I don’t know what flowers your bees are getting into down in the Yakima Valley, but it is a very bold flavor that last a long time in the mouth – almost a caramel like flavor. Yum.

  7. Christine says:

    Where is your honey currently being sold? Im almost out!

  8. betcreations says:

    I’m anxious to try your honey my daughter lives in Toppenish and it’s been hard to find some fresh honey. I’m from Vancouver Washington lots of different kinds of honey over in that direction with Portland so close. But I use it mostly for my allergies and to put in some of my creams. Do you sell the propolis?

  9. craichoneyco says:

    I’m sorry but we do not sell propolis. You can find our honey at Safeway stores all over the PNW (not all of them carry it, if you have more than one in your area). Here in the valley you can find us at Millcreek Health Food (Union Gap), Thriftway Stores (W Valley), Rosauers (W Valley), Thompson’s Fruit & Trading Post Fruitstand (Naches).

  10. Lea Sevey says:

    Your honey is our favorite. I thought I’d purchased it on the Oregon coast but now I can’t remember where. Do you sell online? If not, where can I buy in Oregon?

  11. Kelley says:

    We pay a little extra for certain things…honey being one. We believe it should be locally harvested because we live where the bees pollinate…making the honey beneficial to you..where you live. Honey from California isn’t as beneficial health wise. And it tastes so good! So glad our local safeway carries it!

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